A Race Well Run

By Kari Birdseye

There isn’t a thing, we did, that I would have changed.

A group of intelligent, passionate, concerned citizens organized, campaigned, called, walked, talked and worked day and night for a safe, healthy and prosperous future for Benicia.

If it had been a traditional, clean campaign, we most likely would have prevailed.  Despite the unfair, dirty resources that skewed the results, we came close.  Three percentage points away from office will be noticed by the outside interests that poured more than $200,000 into our race. We spent less than $20,000.

I am honored to have been your candidate. I learned so much about Benicia, its neighborhoods, its politics, and the best and worst of our community.  The most treasured outcome of this process has been getting to know and working beside so many wonderfully engaged and compassionate people. Many of you were more surprised, upset or disillusioned than I am about the outcome. Thank you for your outpouring of cards, flowers, and well wishes.  I have one request for you and then I’ll make you a promise.

Please stay engaged.  Attend City Council meetings.  Ensure that the elected councilmembers keep their promises to work towards a healthier, safer Benicia.  Write letters despite the dysfunction of our local paper.  Shine a spotlight on lies or councilmember votes that don’t match the campaign rhetoric. Remain vigilant in working towards our vision.

I promise to work as hard as you did this season in preparing for 2020, by supporting the best candidates up for election and/or re-election.

Thank you, my friends.  I’m glad I ran and I am proud of the race we nearly won.

      – Kari