Best advice ever: NOW GO WIN!

Now Go Win

Kari Birdseye for Benicia City Council

It has been a busy week with the Chamber of Commerce forum, Planning Commission meeting, working all week at the Global Climate Action Summit and somehow, I found myself on social media reading mean-spirited, fact-less attacks.  And then I receive this from Duane:

You are an impressive candidate Kari.  Now go win.

Just when I needed it.  Thanks Duane.  I have an impressive team of supporters who will help me do just that; Jack and Maggie at the Farmers Market today, spreading the good word.  Gary, Kathy and June knocking on doors with me this weekend.  To the beautiful people I’ve never met, donating online, thank you. And all the wonderful Benicians who have placed yard signs and continue requesting them.  The website continues to attract yard sign requests, endorsements and donations.  Visit my How Can I Help page soon if you haven’t already.  And leave me feedback on how you think I did so I can improve for the next forum hosted by League of Conservation Voters and AAUW on Wednesday, October 3rd, 7-8:30 p.m. at the Benicia Public Library.  Please try to come and watch in person and show your support like a good number of you did this Wednesday.

If you missed the Chamber of Commerce forum (see Benicia Herald coverage), it will be replayed on our local access channel 27 on September 26 at 7pm, Saturday, October 6 at 10am and October 15 at 7pm.

Now let’s take Duane’s advice and go win.

Most appreciative,