Here’s a growing list of my supporters.  To add your name, see below (or go to my How Can I Help? page).
– Kari Birdseye for Benicia City Council

Organizations, Officials & Community Leaders
U.S. Representative Mike Thompson, CA 5th District
Delaine Eastin, recent candidate for California Governor, CA Superintendent of Public Instruction 1995-2003, and CA State Assemblywoman 1986-1994
The Sierra Club
Solano County Orderly Growth Committee
Solano County Democratic Central Committee
United Democrats of Southern Solano County
Progressive Democrats of Benicia
Benicians for a Safe and Healthy Community
Solano County District 2 Supervisor Monica Brown
Former Vallejo Fire Chief Donald Parker
Benicia Mayor Elizabeth Patterson
Benicia Vice Mayor Steve Young
Hon. Justice James Lambden (Ret.)
Bruce Reed Goodmiller, City Attorney, Richmond CA
Constance Beutel, Good Neighbor Steering Committee member
Jan Cox Golovich, Former Benicia City Council member
Dan Smith, Former Benicia City Council member
Suzanne Foley, Former Benicia Planning Commissioner

Your Friends & Neighbors…

Marilyn Bardet
Dave Bekowies
Cathy Bennett
Constance Beutel, EdD
Mildred Brennan
Tom Busfield
Nick Coffin
Lisa Cohen
Sheryll Davis
Stan Davis
Phyllis Debois
Ralph Dennis
Vicki Dennis
Patricia Dillon
Gary Dylina
Joan Eignor
Elaine Eisner
Hadieh Elias
Donna Feingold
Amir Firouz
Larnie Fox
Mary Susan Gast
Stan Golovich
Dana Green
Neil Hanks
Nancy Harlander
Susan Harms
Adrean Hayashi
Daniel Joseph
Cecile Kazemi
Jim Kelly
Rose Kelly
Mike Kendall
Kathy Kerridge
Patricia D. Kneisler
Jack Kolk
Maggie Kolk
Madeline Koster
James Kushera
Robin Lancaster
Allan Lemone
Rhonda Lyle
Stuart Lyle
Stephanie Madison
June Mejias
Terry Mollica
Beverly Norman
Rob Norman
Joan Parker
Kyle Peterson
Marcia Peterson
Lisa Reinertson
Nancy Roetzer
Pat Roetzer
Jack Ruszel
Sandra Shannonhouse
Diana Smith
Craig Snider
Andres Soto
Andre Stewart
Renee Stewart
Roger Straw
Susan Street
Judith Sullivan
Sam Sullivan
Jon Van Landschoot
Jesse Villarreal
Jean Walker
Ruby Wallis
Patrick Ward
Rob Weis
Lee Wilder Snider
Alan Zada
Sheri Zada