Kari Birdseye – I am FOR…

I was named in a recent Forum piece that called groups I belong to “anti-fossil fuel” and “against Valero.”  If elected to serve this community on Benicia City Council, the only thing I will be “anti” or against is hatred and name calling.

I am FOR a clean energy future and I am and will work for better, more transparent community dialog with Valero to ensure that Valero can be the best type of neighbor it can be in Benicia.

Our current city council leadership won’t be responsible for Valero shuttering its refinery; only the marketplace can accomplish that and the most recent reports show that Valero’s corporate profits are doing just fine.

A local industrial safety ordinance that isn’t duplicative of state regulations and ensures effective community and fence line air monitors can only strengthen the relationship between our biggest neighbor and Benicians.  Timely incident reports and regular dialog can help heal the fear and distrust many Benicians have experienced since the May 5th near catastrophic refinery accident.

  • I am FOR economic vitality of our home town, which means planning for the future now and diversifying our tax base.
  • I’m FOR access to clean water and clean air, which starts with knowing what’s in it.
  • And as I have shown in my actions as Chair of Benicia’s Planning Commission, I’m FOR protecting the health and well-being of our community and everything that makes it great.

If you want a new leader who is all FOR making Benicia the best it can be, your one vote for Benicia City Council should be for Kari Birdseye in November.

–  Kari